NordVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals [68% Discount, Coupon & Offers]

The VPN industry has taken over the tech-world by a storm because of the exclusive services it provides to the audience. There are many competitive VPN services vying against each other to grab the end user’s imagination. These include IPVanish, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Media Lounge APK.

One of the services that a VPN provides is NordVPN. This service has been ongoing for five years and facilitates the utmost performance amidst the other services. NordVPN has about 1177 serves in approximately 60+ regions. Some of the well-known features that NordVPN provides include Double VPN, Military-grade encryption, Onion over VPN, etc.

The good news is, these deals are also available in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals packages. Thereby, with just a little patience, you will get cheaper and better deals in the coming months.

NordVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020 [70% Discount, Coupon & Offers]

Therefore, without any further ado, let us get into the deals, coupons, and features that NordVPN provides to its users:

NordVPN Black Friday Deals and Coupons 2021

GET 68% OFF ($3.71/Month on 2 years plan)

There is no doubt that Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide amazing deals that is worth the wait. Every year during the end season, you get to splurge all your savings without any regrets.

This year, NordVPN gives you the utmost promo offer, the Cyber Sale. In this offer, on a 3-year plan, you will get a 70% flat discount + free for 3 months + a free app of NordLocker File Encryption. In short words, from the normal price, you will just have to pay $3.49 per month.

This deal is one of the best deals this year as just the NordLocker app is said to be worth $312. Thereby, grab this opportunity as it arrives and purchase the amazing and effortless service of NordVPN.

Features of NordVPN

NordVPN facilitates tons of features for its customers including the CyberSec, Automatic Kill switch, Double VPN, and DNS leak protection. Thereby, here I have discussed all the features in brief detail.

Automatic Kill Switch Feature

The Automatic Kill Switch Features allows you to automatically stop the software from using your internet when the server goes down. It will block the software, thereby giving you 100% protection and security from hackers.

There are some instances where your server or connection may just randomly drop. This will enable hackers or spies to easily access your personal information as you will completely be vulnerable to the internet. Thereby, the Automatic Kill Switch features come in handy to instantly stop the software with just a click.


The most annoying thing whilst watching a video or perhaps researching are pop up ads. NordVPN’s CyberSec features allow you to block such unwanted ads. These ads can also be spam or some kind of dangerous website. Thereby, this feature also gives you protection from any internet harm. All you need to do is a single click to set this feature up in your device and experience an ad-free internet world.

Moreover, this feature also allows you to block malware-hosted sites for protected internet surfing. When in an address bar you enter the URL, your system will automatically ping the DNS remote and send out an IP request for your preferred site. As your DNS is allowed, we are allowed to enter the site where the actual CyberSec comes in the main picture.

Our CyberSec and DNS will allow us to verify that particular site whilst using the pre-blacklisted site. It will ping during to same time to enable us to use the blacklisted site. Thereby, this will allow you to enter that particular site without any hindrance.

Double VPN

You not only get one encryption protection but two with the Double VPN feature. Amazing right! You will be getting two times the protection and security. Moreover, it has a simple process to set up this feature.

As you connect to your normal VPN which already gives you 64 to 128-bit encryption. With this feature, your encryption will again be connected to another VPN server in that area. Therefore, giving you double the protection.

DNS Leak Protection

There might be an instance where hackers or spies can easily decrypt your data to get your information. Even if your information and data are encrypted, still there might be a chance for the hacker to sneak in. Rest assured, with the Double VPN you can protect your data from DNS leak as it gives you two times the normal protection.

Onion over VPN

You might be well informed about the onion browser for the security it provides to its customer. Thereby, you can use the Onion browser along with the VPN to get two times the protection.

Not only this, if you use the Onion browser along with the double VPN feature you will get three times encrypted protection.

IP protection

Nord facilitates unique protection to secure or hide your IP address from hackers. It will send a tunnel of servers to protect your actual identity and information. This is commonly used in all the other VPN’s but only Nord solely sends it to distant VPN servers for the utmost protection.

No log policy

NordVPN provides the “No log Policy” to protect your information from the hacker. There are chances that the hacker can sneak in and decode all your original and personal information. Therefore, this feature will stop hackers from getting into your IP address.


I hope this blog has helped you understand the NordVPN software and has enlightened you with all the features, plans, deals, and coupons regarding the software. If you are willing to use the NordVPN, then wait no further and grab the opportunity this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

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