SaferVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (81% off)

VPN or Virtual Private Network is very important for the people you want to access the internet while keeping their data secure. It protects your data by creating a virtual connection between you and the leading network to provide you peer-to-peer encryption. Nowadays, people are sharing their personal information like credit card details to buy different products and services.

Although websites like amazon and Netflix may not save your data, some other apps or website cookies on your device could track and share it on their servers. So, to safely access the internet, you need to have a VPN service. Here, SaferVPN helps you with that by changing your location and blocking cookies and ads from different websites.

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SaferVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

About SaferVPN

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, SaferVPN is a small yet trusted VPN service provider in the market. Israel has the best privacy laws for its citizens, and the same laws apply to the companies operating there. SaferVPN is one of the fastest VPNs and falls in the list of top five ones with an average speed of 60 Mbps. Also, the VPN is very easy to install and use it on devices. It supports almost every OS including Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android.

SaferVPN is available in the form of apps, software, and browser extension so that, you can use it in almost every device. The company has around 700 servers in 34 countries that enable the users to select any high-speed server they like. You can also change your location and IP based on the server you choose. The services provided by SaferVPN includes high-speed file transfer, no personal data leakage, removing your browsing history, no logs tracking, unblocking geo-restricted websites, peer-to-peer encryption, 256 bit AES encryption, virus scanning, and much more.

SaferVPN Features

High Performance: All the speed tests performed on SaferVPN have given an above-average result. The company provides peer-to-peer data transfer as well as torrenting. You can connect 5 devices simultaneously on a single account. However, you can only perform you can perform peer-to-peer data transfer and torrent on a single device at a time.

Kill Switch: Perhaps, one of the best features of the SaferVPN is the instant Kill switch. Only a few of the VPNs in the market, offer this feature to their users. This allows you to instantly shut down your internet connection whenever your VPN faults. It feature ensures that no IP or DNS gets leaked from your side.

Optimized Services: A smaller network is better in the management of resources and provides better features to its customers. SaferVPN offers various features like interchangeable protocols, 256 bit AES encryption, virus scanning, programmable clients, and P2P encryption. While the IKEv2 is the default one, you can choose from a number of protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2, IPsec, and PPTP.

Privacy Policy: As discussed earlier, SaferVPN has a strict privacy policy that ensures that the user data will not be tracked transferred or sold to any server in or out of the company. The company falls under the “Five-Eye Jurisdiction”. This allows them to only log the Date and time of the login sessions, VPN server location, the Amount of Data transferred, and your Country without any your original IP Address.

SaferVPN Cyber Monday Deals and Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday is the busiest time for the vendors and shoppers as companies offer huge discounts on their deals and plans during this season. SaferVPN is a powerful but smaller VPN provider but with the discounts, it’s offering during the Black Friday ad Cyber Monday 2021, it’s grabbing the attention of the people from all around the world. So, here are the discounts SaferVPN is offering on different plans during the Black Friday VPN deals 2021.

SaferVPN 1-year Plan

For a year deal, the normal charge is $155.40, billed every 12 months. However, you can get this plan for $65.88 for 12 months, at a 57% discount. This will cost you around $5.49 per month.

Only a few VPN providers are offering this much discounts on their one year plan. So, Hurry up! and grab the deal before it’s over.

SaferVPN 2-year Plan

The 2-years is the popular one among SaferVPN’s users. Normally you would have to pay around $260.88 for two years, billed every 2 years. But during the Black Friday VPN sale 2021, you can get it for $78.96 at a 67% discount. So, now you’ll only have to pay around $3.29 a month.

SaferVPN 3-year Plan

The biggest discount offered during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2021, by SaferVPN is on its 3-years plan. The company is offering a whopping 84% discount on this plan. The normal pricing for this one id around $310.88, billed every 36 months.

However, you can avail it for only $89.99, which is around $2.50 a month. So, be quick as good things won’t last long.

Why Choose SaferVPN

Based in Israel, SaferVPN guards your virtual identity by creating a virtual private network and virtual IP. It’s good for streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO, and Netflix. Also, you can access any content and Geo-restricted websites using SaferVPN. However, if you are a heavy torrent user, it’s not a perfect option for you. It doesn’t support P2P encryption.

SaferVPN has some of the best protocols like PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IKEv2 for streaming services. It offers special business and Enterprise VPN packages for business people and organizations. Moreover, you can have custom packages for cloud-based access.

SaferVPN Pros and Cons


  • Affordable plans for long-term users
  • Unblock any content on Netflix, iPlayer, and other streaming platforms
  • Access any geo-restricted website using SaferVPN
  • Browser extensions for Chrome and Opera browser
  • Manual setup for Routers
  • Supports Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, and others


  • Don’t have an effective Windows kill switch
  • No DNS leak protection
  • Can’t unblock the content from Disney+
  • Not a high-end performing VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does SaferVPN works in China?

Ans. SaferVPN works in the majority of countries with strict censorship policies, and rules, but, it doesn’t work in China. It cannot access or unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and any other app or website blocked in China. So, if you’re living or planning to visit countries like China, it doesn’t work there.

Q. Is SaferVPN’s customer service satisfactory?

Ans. SaferVPN answers your queries and questions via Email and Live chat support. It uses Chatbots to automatically reply to general questions. However, you can always call and talk to the developers and get your issues resolved.

Q. Does DaferVPN works while Torrenting?

Ans. P2P encryption is very important to protect your data while using torrent websites and downloading files from there. Unfortunately, SuperVPN doesn’t have a P2P encryption feature. However, you can use all other VPN features while torrenting.

Q. Can I use SaferVPN to fully access Netflix or other OTT applications?

Ans. SaferVPN is good at bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing the content from different locations. Many countries block several websites and content on different Streaming applications. SaferVPN will bypass the restrictions and unblock the geo-restricted content from different OTT applications.

Q. Is SaferVPN has an instant Kill-Switch?

Ans. The Kill-Switch disconnects your device from the internet if your VPN drops. This protects your devices to avoid any kind of IP and location leaks. SaferVPN has an instant kill switch that disconnects you from the internet to protect your IP and personal data.


SaferVPN is a good option if you’re new or want to try a different VPN service. It provides almost every feature that a reputed company like Nord or ExpressVPN gives. You can select any of the three plans and use it on 5 different devices. However, we suggest you go for the 3-years plan as it offers the biggest discount. SaferVPN gives you a 30 days complete money-back guarantee, so you don’t worry about anything else.

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