TorGuard Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals 2021 (50% Off)

Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving, is the fourth Friday in November when many companies give huge discounts on their products and services(like VPN) from midnight. Companies like TorGaurd VPN are offering up to 50% discount on their plans during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals2021. Moreover, TorGaurd will keep this discount for up to 10 days after Black Friday so that more people can get their services.

Talking about the VPN, it’s a virtual private network that protects your data and Ip by creating a secure connection with the destination network. We share a lot of our personal and financial data on the internet while surfing on different websites and doing transactions. Therefore, it’s important to secure your data and other information using strong encryption and a different IP address. Here, TorGaurd provides you many features that would make your data safer and secure. So, let’s have a look at its features and the offers you’ll get on its plans during this Black Friday VPN sale 2021.

TorGuard Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals 2020

About TorGaurd VPN

TorGaurd VPN gives you online freedom by protecting your IP and personal privacy, proxy & email, and encrypting the data of you and your business. The VPN has hundreds of servers in different countries around the globe to provide you a plethora of virtual IPs from different countries at high transfer speed. With this, you can also unblock geo-restricted websites and content on streaming services like Netflix.

TorGaurd comes with a feature named “kill switch”, it instantly disconnects you from the network in case of any failure and saves your IP and data from leaking on the internet. You can also decide which app you want to connect normally and which via the TorGarud VPN, this process is known as the split tunneling.

TorGaurd Features

Some of the best features of TorGaurd VPN are:

  • Use high-speed internet with unlimited bandwidth and stealth proxy.
  • Supports all OS and devices including Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, Routers, and more. It also has a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser.
  • TorGaurd hides your IP from the browser and bypass the BDI and other VP blocks.
  • With OpenPGP encryption, communicate with your colleagues and other people in complete security. Also, you can anonymize and encrypt your web traffic through the private VPN service.
  • Hide your IP with more than 3000 servers in 50+ countries and 24/7 support by the TorGaurd VPN.

TorGaurd Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals 2021

TorGaurd is offering discounts on three plans – Anonymous Email, Streaming Bundle, Business VPN, and Anonymous VPN. All of these are available in the billing cycle of monthly, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, and 2-years. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Anonymous VPN

The anonymous VPN includes proxy, 8 connections, OpenVPN protocol, unlimited Bandwidth, and more. With the Black Friday VPN discount coupon, you can get this plan for $5.00/month instead of $9.99. For two years, it will cost you around $50.00(billed once).

Streaming Bundle

The streaming bundle has a few more features than Anonymous VPN. It provides you high-speed data transfer and great streaming experience. The bundle normally costs $21.98/month. However, you can get it for $10.99/month and $100.99 for two years, during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN discounts.

Business VPN

The business VPN plan has all the features of streaming and anonymous VPN, plus it has 10 user package, stealth proxy, custom setup, 8 simultaneous connections, and much more. It has three plans:

>> Business VPN 10: $69.00/Month

>> Business VPN 10: $110.00/Month

>> Business VPN 10: $169.00/Month


If you’re thinking of opting for a VPN service, then it is the best time to get one like TorGaurd. The company is offering a huge 5% discount on all its plan for a lifetime. So, don’t waste your time and grab this excellent Black Friday deal of 2021 to enjoy safe and private internet access.

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