TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (58% Off)

In the generation of infrastructures, privacy is an ongoing concern having crucial information at risk. So, keeping your data secure and browsing history safe isn’t a piece of cake. Spending your life without the internet is not that easy. Based on daily works, we share our private information like email, credit card details, passwords, etc. To avoid and malicious attacks, most of the security-minded users use the VPN for browsing.

VPN allows you to send and receive crucial information by providing the features of security and reliability. VPN unlocks the restricted content so that the user can browse with freedom. TunnelBear is one of those few VPNs that allow using their service for free as well as a subscription. On the Black Friday deals, you get the 58% off on the TunnerBear subscription plan.

TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

About TunnelBear VPN

As for functionality, security, and speed matter most, so TunnelBear allows its user to access its features with ease. Originated from Toronto, Canada, that isn’t an ideal place to use the services of VPN, TunnelBear has their servers across the 14+ countries. Like other VPNs, TunnelBear has a no-logging policy, so they’ve no information of its users to hand over the data to others. It almost covers the nearest location with ease of accessibility. It has them severs at such countries as North America, Europe, Finland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

TunnerBeal VPN features

At a low cost for its subscription, TunnelBear comes with several features like security protocols, speed, reliability, and privacy for its users.

Privacy and Logging: If we talk about the greatest strength of TunnelBear VPN, privacy has its significance. It has a privacy policy that explains what it collects or not in simple and plain language. TunnelBear claims that it doesn’t share the information and data with third-party companies. In its logging policy, it clears that it doesn’t track the records of users, IP addresses, DNS queries, and Timestamps.

Performance: Based the checking on websites like Netflix’s Fast, TestMy.net, and Ookla’s SpeedTest, TunnelBear has a performance of above average. The speed on UK’s server is approximately 66-70Mbps and 200Mbps on the server of the US. TunnelBear acts as a proxy for browsers like Chrome. Go to your extensions, download it, and select your server location from a drop-down menu. That’s all take to start the TunnelBear on your OS.

Security and Encryption: Among the various VPNs available in the market, TunnelBear is the only one to proclaim regular, independent safety audits of user’s apps. It protects your crucial information from internet providers and network owners with its strong AES 256-bit encryption algorithms. TunnelBear allows users to use an excellent feature named Maul Blocker, which blocks the tracking from internet providers.

TunnelBear Black Friday Deals and offers

It is an excellent time to buy a new VPN for you or upgrade the previous subscription of TunnelBear. As the lightning deals of Black Fridays is going on, TunnelBear VPN is offering a minimum discount of 58% off on its plans. Just go to the official website of TunnelBear and create an account. Make this exciting deal your before you lose your chance to get it through Black Friday sales. You can buy the annual plan for an amount of $59.99 if you’re looking to spend just once.

TunnelBear Free Plan

The free plan of TunnelBear restricts you with the only 500MB of data per month. It’s not as much as enough you get from its annual subscription. However, you can make it 1GB per month by tweeting about the corporation. As it offers limited features, you can have a look at the services of TunnelBear before choosing its plan.

TunnelBear 1-month Plan

With the features of unlimited secure browsing, five connected devices, and 24*7 customer service come with the monthly plan of TunnelBear. If you’re looking forward to opting for its monthly plan, then it will cost you an amount of $9.99 per month. It is below from the average of $10.10 having a quality of services.

TunnelBear 1-year plan

In the subscription of its annual plan, TunnelBear VPNs long-term plan starts from an amount of $59.88, adding up a discount of 50%. It is less the industrial average of $73.73 per annum. This plan offers you unlimited data and exciting features of Vigilante mode.

TunnelBear 3-years plan

For allowing its services to the customers, TunnelBear VPN offers a flat 67% discount on its membership of three years. You have to pay an amount of $120 at once for 3-years of subscription. On the Black Friday sales, you’ll get 67% off by TunnelBear VPN. In the subscription pack, you get the unlimited data, a 256-bit AES encryption for your safety, and the full advantage of the RememBear Password Manager at no extra cost.

Why chose TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is an independent third-party app that follows a strict no-logs policy with high-grade data encryption. It has hundreds of servers in 22 countries across the world. With TunnelBear, you can enjoy the best possible VPN security without revealing your true identity. You can also mask your IP address by changing it on different devices.

If we talk about the rating, the features that make it a real deal include Split-tunneling, instant kill-switch, military-grade encryption, virtual IP, and much more.

TunnelBear VPN Pros and Cons


  • You can use it for free if you consume no more than 500MBs per month.
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • TunnelBear has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.Strict no-logs policy that ensures your personal privacy.
  • Located in Canada, TunnelBear has one of the best VPN features in the market.


  • Unfortunately, some content on Netflix doesn’t work with TunnelBear.
  • Sometimes, the customer service isn’t good enough and the users have to wait for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does TunnelBear has a Kill-Switch?

Ans. Also known as a network lock feature, a kill switch disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection is lost. It protects your data and IP address from momentary outrages. Once any outrage is there, you get instantly disconnected from the internet to save your data and IP address.

Q. Does TunnelBear supports Split-Tunneling?

Ans. Yes, TunnelBear supports Spilt-Tunneling through which you can route on different web traffics on the ISP(Internet Service Provider) and encrypted VPN tunnels. With this, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix with split-tunneling. However, this is only available for Android devices.


Q. Can I use Netflix or other OTT app with TunnelBear?

Ans. The battle between Netflix and VPN services has been raging for years and somehow, VPN always gets a step ahead. We have tested TunelBear for the United States and the other European State servers, sadly it doesn’t work with Netflix.


Q. Is TunnelBear good for Torrenting?

Ans. For the past few years, TunnelBear wasn’t working for torrent transfers. It used to block access to peer-to-peer downloads, but now it seems to be supported by TunnelBear. TunnelBear supports P2P encryption for file transfers, which can often be used for torrenting. However, you should go for better and paid VPN services like FastestVPN, to get good VPN protection while torrenting.


TunnelBear VPN is a comprehensive introduction to VPNs. One can access the restricted content of websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other apps with the help of TunnelBear VPN. The company grants a user-friendly interface with digital security. It cares about your privacy and information that’s why it has strict logging and privacy policy. TunnelBear might not be VPN with advanced features, but it will fit into your life. Its plans are affordable as Black Friday deals are going on.

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